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Kerry W. Mann, Jr., Modern Homesteader and DIY Project Instructor

Name:  Kerry W. Mann, Jr.

Occupation: modern homesteader, builder, woodworker, videographer, online marketer, entrepreneur

Place of Residence: Montello, WI

Background: Kerry and his wife, Jen, have four children, triplets plus one! They moved from the city and bought their 20-acre homestead in 2015.

Using modern technology, including YouTube and, to learn new skills, Kerry and his family have worked on countless homestead related projects. First, they spent months fixing up their new homestead. Then, they installed an outdoor wood-fired boiler, which heats their entire homestead and their water.

They went on to start an AirbNb rental on their homestead, built a chicken coop, goat house, garden, green house, fruit orchard, corn field, watermelon patch and last year they even built an entire tiny house on their homestead. Kerry documents his projects and shares them on YouTube.

Interesting Features of Kerry’s Home and Life  

• Kerry heats his entire homestead, AirBnB rental unit, and water with an outdoor wood fired boiler.

• Recently, the Mann family built a customized gabled-roof greenhouse. Kerry designed the greenhouse from scratch using a 3D design tool. The entire project from sketches to 3D design all the way to completion is documented on the Mann families YouTube Channel.

• In less than 2 years as homesteaders, Kerry has managed to cover all homestead bills expenses, and taxes from his homestead businesses. He rents out part of the homestead on AirBnB. He also started a custom wooden sign business and provides online marketing services and website development from his homestead.

• Last year, Kerry and his family designed and built a tiny house from the trailer up, completely custom, as another homestead business.

Current Projects: Kerry recently finished a huge greenhouse build. He is currently building a 4-stall dog kennel on his homestead and plans to open it up to the public as a side business on the homestead and share the process as an informative, how-to blog post.

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