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Kelsey Steffen, Aspiring Farmer in Northern Idaho

Name: Kelsey Steffen


Occupation: Wife, mom of four, homeschool educator, aspiring chef, and learning author


Place of Residence: North Idaho


Background: Kelsey believes that we get one shot at this life, and she desires to live each day to its fullest. Her hope is to look back, at the end of her life, and be able to say her family lived a life “Full of Days”.


After Kelsey and her husband became parents, they began looking at food differently. Kelsey realized the quality of what goes in equals the quality of the life she and her family would live. They’ve studied the teachings of Weston A. Price and do their best to maintain a traditional diet. Kelsey quickly realized there are many “ingredients” to a life Full of Days: nutrition, traditional diet, DIY recipes, essential oils, homemaking, reviews, tips and tricks, money-saving strategies and everyday life.


You can join Kelsey and her family over at Full of Days as they blog about life in the Steffen household from the perspective of a wife and mother of four and from a husband and dad.


Current Projects: Making homeschooling fun, perfecting sourdough (as if that’s possible), and writing two e-books.


Other Fun Facts: Kelsey is an aspiring farmer and hopes to one day own her own hobby farm.

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