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Kayla Matthews, Healthy Living Blgger

Name: Kayla Matthews

Occupation: Healthy living journalist and blogger

Place of Residence: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Background and Personal History: Kayla Matthews has been writing about healthy living for several years and is proud to be a featured writer on a number of inspiring health sites, including Mother Earth News.

Kayla has an especially strong passion for helping others increase their mental health and happiness by helping them improve their daily productivity and positivity on her personal blog, Productivity Theory. Kayla is also a strong advocate of raw foods and vegetarianism, and loves incorporating juicing into her lifestyle. Open Cow Face is her favorite yoga pose.

To learn more about Kayla, you can follow her on Google+, Facebook and Twitter and check out her most recent posts on ProductivityTheory.com.

Current and Past Projects:

Kayla is currently a writer for:

The Alternative

In the past, she has also written for:

Reboot with Joe
Evolation Yoga
Addiction HOPE