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Kathleen Jade, ND, Naturopathic Physician

Name: Kathleen Jade, Naturopathic Physician

Occupation: Naturopathic Physician and natural health expert, Guide and Blog Editor at Natural Health Advisory Institute, LLC and its flagship website www.NaturalHealthAdvisory.com, one of the country’s leading providers of validated, scientifically backed natural health information.

Place of Residence: Seattle, Washington

All About Kathleen Jade: Kathleen’s interest in natural health began while in her 20s after some personal health challenges emerged in her own life. A friend introduced her to the holistic medicine approach, one that treats the underlying causes with natural therapies and then allows the body to heal itself. Her success in using this approach with herself prompted her to enter medical school at Bastyr University in Seattle, where after four years of medical training she received a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree. During this period, she received over 1,200 hours of clinical training and 4,100 hours of study in naturopathic primary care.

Kathleen worked after graduation as a staff physician at several integrative medical clinics in and near Seattle, Washington, where she used her expertise in nutrition, lifestyle counseling, botanical medicine, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to treat the chronic age-related diseases of the patients she was seeing. Her experience also includes that of being a researcher, medical writer, and nutraceutical product research specialist.

In the most recent years, Kathleen has become a feature researcher and writer for Natural Health Advisory Institute where she uses her experience and expertise to help thousands of readers overcome their chronic health challenges with natural healing modalities.

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Kathleen uses her scientific and medical background to translate complex medical issues into concepts the typical lay consumer can understand and put into practice. Here is where she can be found:

Current Projects:

Why Am I Tired All the Time? project:  Excessive Tiredness and Chronic Fatigue afflict millions of people who have to drag themselves through the day because of pure exhaustion. It is not normal to be constantly tired, and the good news is that almost always there are some very specific underlying health conditions which are causing this constant fatigue. Kathleen has written a DIY comprehensive guide to discovering for yourself the underlying cause of your fatigue and how to heal that condition with natural therapies.

How to Fight High Blood Pressure: Kathleen has identified several highly effective natural therapies to lower blood pressure which don’t come with the burden of all the medication side effects. The latest research does show, however, in order to ultimately lower stroke and cardio risk (the goal of blood pressure meds in the first place), whatever remedy you employ must heal the blood vessels themselves. Meds do not do this nearly as effectively as natural therapies. Kathleen’s research and publications reveal which therapies are most effective in doing just that.