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John Klar, Farmer, Food Rights Activist and Attorney

Name: John Klar


Occupation: Farmer, food rights activist, attorney


Place of Residence: Irasburg, Vermont


Background and Personal History: John Klar’s family farmed in Vermont for many generations. John attendedthe University of Connecticut School of Law, worked as a tax attorney for several years (PriceWaterhouseCoopers), and then operated a private litigation practice for 6 years before he became ill with Lyme Disease and fibromyalgia.


John moved to Vermont and began farming in 1998. He and his wife, Jacqueline, built and operated an artisanal raw-milk cheese house, and have raised pigs, chickens, sheep, horses, cows, and goats, and grown many varieties of vegetables and herbs.


Current Projects: John raises grass-fed beef and sheep, and seeks to educate people about where their food comes from and how large corporate interests wish to dominate food production by way of petro- and chemical-dependent industrialization. The Klars have been building an off-grid house for a number of years, which incorporates a root cellar and a masonry heater.


Other Fun Facts: John is a “fledgling pastor,” and works to raise money for a charity called “Children in Need – Uganda,” overseen by Pastor Simon Peter Otudo in Uganda. Together, they have opened a school that has enrolled more than 300 orphaned children.


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