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Jennifer Poindexter, Homesteading Entrepreneur and Backyard Chicken Enthusiast

Name: Jennifer Poindexter

Occupation: Writer and Homesteader

Place of Residence: Jonesville, North Carolina

Background and Personal History: Jennifer was raised in Central Kentucky. She moved to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, as a child, where she lived for about 8 years before moving back to the city life of Central Kentucky.

A few years later, Jennifer got married and has been happily so for almost 8 years. She and her husband started our life in the city but felt cramped. A few years later, they moved back to his hometown in the foothills of North Carolina.

Jennifer fell into homesteading by accident. She and her husband purchased an old home that had been foreclosed and abused, but it was cheap. It came with a few acres of land. In the process of fixing it up, the couple started thinking of ways that they could meet their own daily needs so they wouldn’t have to spend money, and in turn, have more money to fix up the house.

It started with chickens and has ballooned: The more they got into raising or growing their own, the more they loved it. Jennifer and her husband knew what they were consuming, and they took pride in their work.

They now raise most of their own food and a variety of animals, and they have built a small homestead on very little money.

Jennifer writes about all of her adventures at where she shares the knowledge she has gained with others that might want to take the full plunge into homesteading (or for those that just want to dip their toes in the idea).

Current Projects: Jennifer’s homestead is a constant project. She is currently trying her hand at raising bees, building more above-ground garden beds, expanding her gardening space, and building a new, inexpensive barn.

Other Fun Facts: Jennifer was petrified of all birds until she became a chicken owner. Now, she is the “bird lady.” She loves all of her animals, but her chickens and ducks have waddled away with her heart!

She homesteads while raising and homeschooling three boys and graduated with her BA in Business Administration in May 2016.

Jennifer isn’t planning on returning to the world of business — homesteading has taught her to embrace entrepreneurship, and she plans on sticking to that path.

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