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Hannah Wernet, Self-Sufficient Wine Maker in Austria

Name: Hannah Wernet

Occupation: Writer, Teacher, Bar Owner

Place of Residence: Graz, Austria

Background and Personal History: Hannah grew up self-sufficiently on a sheep farm in Wales. When she was 20, she moved to Austria where she works as a teacher and owns a small expat bar.

Hannah married a Frenchman and dreams of one day returning to a self-sufficient life in the French countryside.

Current Projects: Hannah is working on a cookbook of classic European recipes using free and foraged food. She is also is attempting to master the art of making wine from foraged fruits and flowers.

Other Fun Facts: When she was 12, Hannah’s stepfather gave her four goats for her birthday. When people say they want to buy a goat because they are “easier” than cows, she just laughs.

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