Tim Snyder, Green Home Improvement Expert

By Staff
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Tim Snyder, Green Home Improvement Expert

Tim Snyder has worked for more than 20 years as a journalist, editor and carpenter. Currently Snyder is producing content and training materials for Dr. Energy Saver, a nationwide network of energy auditors who also perform a complete range of energy-saving improvements.

Spending time on a small farm managed by his grandfather gave Snyder an early appreciation for many aspects of sustainable living, from animal husbandry and vegetable gardening to fruit tree pruning and DIY activities. “I didn’t realize it at the time, but my grandparents were simply practicing what they had been taught about self-sufficiency,” Snyder recalls. “They were living the dream that many of us aspire to today.”

Combining a fascination with carpentry and woodworking with an interest in writing, Snyder carved out a career that continues to bring fresh challenges and learning opportunities.  He recently produced a green remodeling manual for the Environmental Protection Agency and a chapter on “Smart Shelter” for The Whole Green Catalog, published by Rodale Press. He was the executive editor of Fine Homebuilding magazine from 2004-2008 and executive editor of American Woodworker magazine from 1994-1998. His books include Shelving and Storage, DECKS, and two New Yankee Workshop books that Snyder coauthored with Norm Abram.

Snyder’s advice and commentary on sustainability, energy efficiency and remodeling can be found on websites like Wisebread, Fine Homebuilding, Green-Energy-News, Dr. Energy Saver and The Green Building Advisor. But he’s especially grateful for the opportunity to contribute to Mother Earth News. “I sent a long letter to MEN’s founding editor, John Shuttleworth, right after I graduated from college,” Snyder remembers. “About a week later he called to tell me that a private jet would be flying me down to his magazine headquarters for a job interview. Although I didn’t take the job back then, I’ve remained an avid fan over the years. It feels great to be taking an active role in this great community.”