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Gail Blain Peterson, Kansas Prairie Soap Maker

Name: Gail Blain Peterson

Occupation: Retiree, Soap Maker

Place of Residence: Stockton, KS

Background: Originally from San Diego, California, Gail grew up in a military family. Active in 4-H and usually with her Dad or Granddad in the family garden or her Mom or Grandma in the kitchen, she was always interested in food, where in came from, and how to make it. This parlayed into becoming a gardener and a home chef and recipe developer.

Gail relocated to the Midwest in the late 1990s, where she was busy being Homemaker, Homeschooling her 4 children, an active 4-H Mom and contributing recipes to magazines and cookbooks. The children are grown and recently she has joined her husband in early retirement with lots of time now for the projects they love: their gardens, backyard chickens, traveling, especially to Colorado to visit the grandchildren (7 children and 9 grandchildren between them) or Gail’s elderly parents in Arizona where they work to restore their 1915 Craftsman home. Gail also heads her towns annual Coop & Garden Tour and a book group.

Current Projects: Gail is owner and chief soap maker at Kansas Prairie Soap, organic gardening, composting (worm and traditional), food preservation, backyard chicken keeping, alternative eating (keto) and recipe development, quilting, DIY, historic home restoration and most importantly, grandparenting!

Connect with Gail at Kansas Prairie Soap, on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo by Phil Peterson

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