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Fala Burnette, Alabama Crafter and Homesteader

Name:  Fala Burnette

Occupation: Homesteader

Place of Residence: Ashland, Alabama

Background: Fala grew up in Alabama’s capital, Montgomery, and was used to the large buildings and busy city life. But she also spent a great deal of time on her grandmother’s 40-acre farm, an hour out of town, and it was there that she learned what the work of her hands could accomplish.


After graduating high school, Fala went from working part-time to full-time at an animal shelter, then continued to keep careers that dealt with animals. After she married her husband in December 2014, she left her job working as the kennel manager of a veterinary clinic. The couple moved to Ashland, Alabama to begin building a cabin on the land where her husband was raised.


Current Projects: Fala and her husband are working to build a cabin by hand, with logs they’ve cut and notched together on their own. They currently raise chickens, and hope to begin raising Khaki Campbell ducks again soon. The couple also owns a portable sawmill that they frequently mill and sell lumber with. One of her goals is to transition into 100% heirloom seed crops by next Spring.


Fala enjoys creating and selling art from the scrap lumber and other recycled/natural materials that she sells at local flea markets, consignment shops, and craft sales.

Other Fun Facts: Fala has enjoyed becoming more self-sufficient in time, and has recently learned to tan hides in the Winter that hunters normally discard.

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