Eric Puro and Michael Beck, Sustainable Building 'POOSHers' 

Name: Eric Puro 

Eric Puro and Michael Beck Sustainable Building POOSHers

Occupation: Co-Founder of and Pounder of many “trash tires”

Place of Residence: The World (traveling indefinitely for now)

Background and Personal History:  Once a corporate consultant, Eric has traded his tie and suit jacket for a sledgehammer and bare feet. This led to oh-so-many other good decisions, and now Eric´s path is managing, which connects volunteers to building projects. Eric co-founded with 5 other amazing humans. He now tours around the world giving lectures and talks on sustainable housing. A devotion to living sustainably has led him and his co-workers/friends to build bicycles out of bamboo to tour southern Europe. Check out the tour page ( to find out more, and see if we can meet up!

Current Projects:  Eric is currently building a sustainable yoga/community center in Portugal, which will be built using 90 percent of materials found within 10 kilometers of the build site. Eric's mission is to always push building to become more sustainable! He is also building bicycles out of bamboo and recycled parts. This will be his horse used to get to Greece from Portugal.

Other Fun Facts:  Eric can do magical handstands and is currently on year one of a 20-year mustache-growing mission. One thing he would tell every human (if possible) is to build something great!

More Places to Find Eric on the Web: 


Name: Michael Beck 

Occupation: Works at, DIY enthusiast, passionate about natural/sustainable building and improving all skills required to live a self-sustainable life 

Place of Residence: Always changing, but Michael currently call Oregon home.

Background and Personal History:   After growing up in Indiana, Michael got a scholarship to play varsity soccer at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada, where he studied English. After living in Seattle for a year and interning at a local radio station KEXP, he moved to the Oregon woods with a group of friends, where they built an Earthship-type house, gardened, bathed and drank from the glacier-fed river and enjoyed a flourishing, loving community. From this experience, their group came up with concept, which they are now fully invested in and dedicated to natural/sustainable self-building, and making natural building techniques accessible and available to whomever is interested.

Other Fun Facts:  Michael has a music obsession! He also likes the color purple, lasagna, hugs, eyes, frogs, kitties and being nice.