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Emma Raven, Homesteading Scientist, Organic Gardener, and Home Brewer

Name: Emma Raven, aka“EmsyDoodle”

Occupation: Formulation scientist, blogger, home brewer and avid gardener

Place of Residence: Utah

Background and Personal History: Born in a village on the northern east coast of England and following the completion of a Masters degree in Chemistry in 2008 from The University of Hull, Emma landed a job in product development for a large global company.

After several years, she found herself transferring to the beautiful green forests of New Jersey and a year later moving to the stunning Wasatch Mountains of Utah where she now calls home.

Emma worked as a volunteer for a local herb business when she was a teenager where she learned propagation methods and the use of sustainable peat alternatives for potting and growing media. She’s been gardening, cooking, canning and home brewing for most of her life, be it in a container, part of the backyard, a full allotment or the whole of the property.

Emma is a keen organic gardener trying to switch her land to be biodynamic and maintains a usual gardening style with experimenting along the way.

Current Projects: Home brewing is a frequent project for Emma, from beer to wines and meads. She has several garden-related projects including planting a new orchard, garden extension, becoming a beekeeper, creating a beer garden and experimenting in permaculture.

Other Fun Facts: A self-confessed tea addict and Supernatural fan, in Emma’s spare time, she loves to sew her own clothes and useful things for family and friends, hike, knit and crochet and spends time with her dogs, although not all at the same time!

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