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Eleni Roumeliotou, Natural Pregnancy and Healthy Living Specialist

Name: Eleni Roumeliotou


Occupation: Fertility and pregnancy nutrition and lifestyle specialist; freelance writer


Hobbies: DIY cosmetics, gardening, mixed-media art, interval training


Place of Residence: Spain


Website: Primal Baby


Background and Personal History: Eleni is the founder of Primal Baby and an accomplished geneticist, nutritionist and former academic, who consciously chose to focus on natural health and medicinal diets that better people´s lives right now, rather than sterile, unpractical university projects that only remotely serve us.


Eleni uses functional medicine tools to offer personalized advice that help women claim their power to restore their fertility and have a healthy pregnancy and baby. She advocates that parents practice healing nutrition and a non-toxic lifestyle.


In 2014, Eleni moved with her husband to a small island in the Atlantic Ocean (aka in the middle of nowhere), to live a more simple and healthier life. This is where she was introduced to the arts of organic and biodynamic gardening and got into the habit of picking fruits directly from trees. As a result, she is now free to chase her beloved cats through banana and pineapple farms and take on relentless battles with (clearly malicious) weeds that threaten her precious vegetables.


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