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Destiny Hagest, Digital Marketer and Sustainability Enthusiast

Name: Destiny Hagest

Occupation: Copywriter

Place of Residence: Central Montana

Background: Destiny is a professional freelance copywriter, blogger, and digital marketer, with a passion for sustainability and a focus on environmental issues.

She lives in the mountains of central Montana with her husband and young son, where they raise chickens and ducks, grow food (against the odds of harsh northern winters), and continue to study permaculture, natural building, and sustainability.


After reaching a point of no return in her frustration with conventional modern living, Destiny and her husband, Rob, made plans to move to Montana from Indiana several years ago, in an effort to raise their family together in an off-grid home, which they are still planning together.


Ever since, Destiny has been immersed in reading and studying all things sustainability and permaculture, but she is particularly interested in natural building and natural parenting, as she and her husband continue to build their family together.


Destiny has a rich background in volunteering with her community. She has worked with local organizations since she was a kid, and is now applying her more recent experiences with sustainable agriculture to pursuing community ventures to promote greater education and awareness in those areas.


When she’s not chasing her toddler around or putting together writing assignments, she can be found outside, tending her garden, chasing chickens, and when she gets a spare moment, wandering in the woods in search of wild edibles and game.

Current Projects: Destiny is a copywriter for hire, with a background in inbound digital marketing. Currently, she writes for several magazines, and is working with several clients across multiple industries to create unique, engaging content for their audiences.

Connect with Destiny: You visit Destiny’s LinkedIn profile, follow her on Twitter, and browse her portfolio on her professional copywriting services site.