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David Woods, Log Cabin Builder, Outdoorsman, and Off-grid Enthusiast

Name: David Woods

Occupation: Carpenter, log cabin builder, and author

Place of Residence: England, United Kingdom

Background: David Woods is a carpenter, outdoorsman, and author with more than 30 years of professional woodworking experience. David is the author of best-seller How to Build a Log Home and has educated more than half a million people on how to build a log cabin via his blog.

Prior to becoming an author and blogger, David worked as a professional carpenter and woodworker running his own carpentry and home renovation company.

David pursued woodworking from a young age and his life has intertwined several professions, all of which have involved carpentry. David’s professional experience includes: carpentry, woodworking, construction, home renovation, lecturing and writing.

David has built chairs, tables, cabinets, wardrobes, windows, doors, kitchens, barns, houses and even wooden cars! He fell in love with carpentry before specializing in timber frame buildings and log cabin construction.

Today, David is semi-retired and lecturers at a local college, passing on his skills to the next generation. He is also an author at Log Cabin Hub. David uses his blog to teach, inspire and educate log cabin enthusiasts from around the world. To date, more than half a million people have read David’s advice on building, maintaining and designing log cabins.

Current Projects: David’s carpentry and off-grid projects are a lifestyle and constant. David is currently trying his hand at making homemade chinking recipes and building an affordable tiny log cabin within 48 hours. In 2018, David will be undertaking two adventurous projects:

1. The 48 Hour Tiny Log Cabin: In 48 hours, David will construct a tiny log cabin from scratch building a small habitable shelter.

2. Chinking Perfection: David’s final project for the year will be homemade log cabin chinking recipes.

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