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Corinne Gompf, Rural Ohio Market Farmer

Name: Corinne Gompf

Occupation: SAHM, hobby farmer, writer

Place of Residence: Morrow County, Ohio

Background: Corinne Gompf never imagined living on a small farm in a remote part of Ohio. But here she is, killin’ it. As a producer for local farmers’ markets, Corinne has learned a thing or two about pasture-raising poultry, growing chemical-free produce, and educating her customers on the many aspects of local agriculture. She’s done all this while raising two children (and a husband) and remodeling an old farmhouse built in 1900.

Corinne has a Bachelor’s degree in English, with a concentration in creative writing from the University of Toledo. Before taking on the demands of her home and growing family, Corinne was a managing editor for a small publishing company, writing and editing newspapers across the country.

Current Projects: Corinne is currently maintaining the family operation, Heritage Harvest Farm, which has expanded it’s line-up to include Boer goats for her son’s 4-H project. She’s also focused on photography projects for friends and family.

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