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Celeste Longacre, Self-Sufficiency Author and Food-Preservation Enthusiast

Name: Celeste Longacre


Occupation: Author/Writer


Place of Residence: New Hampshire


Background and Personal History: Celeste and her husband, Bob, have lived sustainably for more than 35 years. They grow almost all of their vegetables for the year and preserve them by freezing, canning, drying and using a home -built root cellar. They get their eggs from their friendly flock of backyard chickens. The y heat with wood that Bob harvests from their land and are equipped with an array of solar panels which provides much of their electricity. Bob built the couple’s cozy little octagonal home with additions.


Celeste ferments much of their produce and makes her own sauerkraut and kimchee. In the summer, she makes all of their spaghetti sauce for the year as well as the garlic and paprika powder. She also ferments their mayonnaise and ketchup and regularly drinks homemade fruit and beet kvass. Celeste just finished writing an entire book on the subject: Celeste’s Garden Delights. She also writes a gardening blog for The Old Farmer’s Almanac. For more information, visit Celeste’s website.


Current Projects: In Summer 2016, Celeste will be teaching workshops on canning, freezing, and gardening self-sufficient living. Find a workshop schedule on her website.


More Places to Find Celeste on the Web:


The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Photo by Sasha Salzberg