Cathie Ackroyd, Becoming Domestic


Cathie Ackroyd

Name: Cathie Ackroyd 

Occupation: Homesteader, Writer, Children’s Cook Club Party Organiser, Professional De-Clutterer, Company Secretary for Family IT business, 

Place of Residence: Shropshire, UK

Background and Personal History: Seven years ago when her twin children were three years Cathie and her husband downshifted by leaving London and their high-tech careers to explore more simple, rural ways of life. They rented five different houses and smallholdings in five different areas, which included investigating several communal/co-housing setups along the way. Cathie and her family have now settled near to a woodland they purchased with their combined pension funds and are establishing a permaculture ‘micro-holding’ on their 1-acre homestead.

Current Projects: Restoring a neglected hazel coppice; planning a permaculture home and garden system; setting up small, home-based community focused enterprises; keeping chickens for meat and eggs; publishing a book version of Becoming Domestic; converting heating and hot water systems to renewable/resilient systems; undertaking Diploma in Advanced Permaculture

Other Fun Facts:  Cathie is married to Darren and they have three children all in primary school. She plays the piano and is a member of the local Transition group. She also runs the local permaculture group’s website.

More Places to Find Me on the Web:  The Becoming Domestic Blog