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Carrie Williams Howe, Vermont Homesteader and Outdoor Educator

Name: Carrie Williams Howe

Occupation: Executive Director of education nonprofit

Place of Residence: Williston, Vermont

Background: During the past 10 years, Carrie and her husband have been “preparing” for being homesteaders.  They made the most of their small suburban plot and learned to raise organic vegetables and became beekeepers. The pair are avid home cooks and make the most of what they can obtain locally as well as from their gardens.

In 2015, Carrie purchased a small homestead and has begun the journey toward doubling (at least) what she produces and preserves at home. She has also begun to produce products from honey and beeswax.

Carrie is passionate about place-based outdoor learning for children and incorporates this passion into raising their two young kids. She is thinking about ways to share their homestead with others and often uses her home as a way to create community among friends and neighbors.

In 2015, Carrie was hired as a contributing editor for Parent Co magazine, moving her closer to her second goal of becoming a freelance writer. While she enjoys writing about parenting challenges and joys, she would also like to write about her homestead and way of living.

Connect with Carrie online at Parent Co Magazine and on The Happy Hive Facebook page.