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Angela Pomponio, Amateur Homesteader

Name: Angie Pomponio

Occupation:  Mom, Registered Nurse, teacher, keeper of home and hearth, amateur homesteader

Place of Residence: Orofino, Idaho

Background and Personal History: Angie was born in Phoenix, transplanted to Idaho more than 25 years ago, traveled the West, and came back to the forested mountains of Idaho to build a life with her husband. She is a Registered nurse and is mom to a son who is her magic. Their family has a constantly evolving stable of quirky rescue dogs, a love for debate and nonfiction, a quick laugh, loyalty, passion for social justice, and make raspberry jam that is famous in her circle.  Angie’s homestead skill arsenal is building, initially a little like cardboard cutouts in that she learned them primarily from reading. Angie is also an avid canner, planner, list-maker, hugger, cryer, supporter of friends, and she serves a mean cup of cinnamon-vanilla coffee to those who grace her kitchen.

Current Projects: Angie is currently working on sourdough starter, mastered the zucchini brownie, waging a non chemical war against thistle in her garden armed with a hoe and fury, attempting to lure our mallards to actually use the pond, constructing a greenhouse, fencing an expanded 3,750-square-foot garden,  planting and protecting an orchard from marauding deer, designing and installing a graywater irrigation system, installing cement anchors for clothesline, outdoor summer movie screen, and a salvaged metal merry-go-round — all while maintaining her home with her son riding shotgun and spouting incredibly insightful and philosophical truths just when she needs it most.

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