Andrew and Michelle Shall, Natural Body Care and Recycled Product Craftspeople

Name: Andrew and Michelle Shall

Andrew and Michelle Shall

Occupation: High school teacher, handcrafted business owners, artists

Place of Residence: Akron, Ohio

Background and Personal History: After living and teaching science in China for almost a decade, Andrew came back home to Ohio and became an ESL teacher. He met Michelle, an environmental educator in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and artist, the day after he landed

back in the states. Long story short, they got married in 2014 and have been looking for their homestead site ever since.

Andrew is now a high school biology teacher and new father, and Michelle quit her job as a World Language teacher to become an artist and new mother. They own Shuv Naturals, a company that makes all natural soaps and skincare products, and Studio Shuv, where Michelle creates paintings about the natural world.

Current Projects: Andrew and Michelle are raising a baby, building their first chicken coop, backyard gardening, starting their own businesses, and turning their observations of the natural world into art.

Other Fun Facts: They just bought 12 acres of property (finally!) and are going to be building an earthship as their home.

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