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Andrea Cross, Gourmet Garlic Grower

Name: Andrea Cross

Occupation: Gourmet garlic farmer, blogger & vlogger

Place of Residence: British Columbia, Canada

Background and Personal History:

Andrea attended University and trained as a scientist in the UK before returning to Canada in early 2011, where she started farming garlic two weeks later on her family land, Calling Quail Farm.

Current Projects: Andrea is currently growing, processing, and selling gourmet garlic and other produce, including chilies and artichokes. She attends her weekly farmers market. She is also exploring artisan home distilling, raising goats, and small-scale aquaponics. Andrea has begun saving and collecting heirloom seeds, and is building a personal blog, FarmGeek.

Other Fun Facts: Andrea has an in-house Tiki bar where she enjoys cocktails with her husband, as well as gardening, cooking, eating, reading, writing, playing computer games, and watching films.

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