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Amy Fewell, Mom, Photographer and Rabbit-Raising Homesteader

Name: Amy Fewell

Occupation: Author, Photographer, Wife, Mom, and Chicken Wrangler. Founder of Homesteaders of America

Place of Residence: Virginia

Values: We believe that God comes first, family comes second, and that living a simple and natural lifestyle gets gloriously wrapped up in all the chaos.

Background:  Amy and her family live on a small homestead in Central Virginia, The Fewell Homestead. They currently raise heritage breed chickens, rabbits, and more! And they plan to expand their homestead greatly, eventually encompassing a milk cow, sustainable meat sources, and more.

Amy is the author of the book The Homesteader’s Herbal Companion, and is the Founder of the Homesteaders of America organization and annual conference. When she’s not working or working around the homestead, she enjoys connecting with the online community and encouraging people to live a simple, holistic, sustainable lifestyle — especially women. 

Follow Amy and her family online for inspiration, education, and support!

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