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Shelley Stonebrook


Shelley is an editor and writer as well as a knowledgeable gardener. She’s a partner at Matt-Cyn Farms, an organic vegetable operation in Corvallis, Oregon. In her spare time, she also makes and sells natural body-care products, including homemade goat milk soaps, through her company, Stonegrass Farms Soap Co.

For a number of years, Shelley worked as a full-time editor at MOTHER EARTH NEWS. She previously studied English at Western Oregon University and later at the University of Kansas for graduate school. Shelley is particularly interested in sustainable, local food production (and consumption), organic gardening, crafting homemade products, soapmaking, home canning and food preservation, composting, waste reduction, and raising awareness about the ills of industrial agriculture. 

While Shelley was working at the main publishing company’s Kansas office, she worked in and coordinated the Ogden community garden (pictured).