Robert Maxwell

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Robert Maxwell

A videographer, photographer, web designer and young homesteader who lives in Ontario, Canada.

He grew up, he says, “in the middle of nowhere on a little island called Manitoulin, and loved it. Today, I’m still in the middle of nowhere and love it even more. So much so that I’m in the process of building a small cabin for myself in a remote corner of Manitoulin’s forest.”

Some people are surprised that he is able to successfully operate a digital media production company from where I live deep in the country. “The truth is that such a venture is not only possible but surprisingly easy, thanks to the internet,” says Robert. “I’m a firm believer in the idea that anyone with opportunity and drive can succeed at anything they set their mind to, from virtually any location they choose.”

Rather than go away to university, Robert says, he decided to teach himself the skills necessary to start and successfully run a digital media production company from his home in rural Ontario. He knew he wanted to live in the country long-term, so in 2009, he cleared out a patch of forest and began work on a small, year-round cabin for himself. He plans to make the cabin his permanent home in the not-too-distant future.

His current projects include continuing work on that cabin and building his business, Digital Peasant Media.

In his spare time, Robert satisfies his lifelong love of singing, particularly classical pieces, by performing in musicals, including two Gilbert and Sullivan productions. You can watch Robert in one production on Youtube here: .

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