John Rockhold

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John Rockhold

John Rockhold joined the MOTHER EARTH NEWS team in 2002 and left to take on new opportunities in 2012. 

He has written or edited dozens of articles on numerous green transportation topics — including gasoline-electric hybrids, electric cars, clean diesel vehicles — and how to maximize gas mileage. In early 2012, Rockhold led the team that produced the first-ever Mother Earth News Guide to Green Cars. His dream car garage is evolving, but for now he’s proud of his 2001 Honda Civic, which gets 30 to 35 mpg after more than 190,000 miles.

John is also proud to call Kansas home (don’t believe the stereotypes you hear) and grew up with a mixture of country (his grandmother’s cattle farm in rural southeastern Kansas) and city life (Kansas City, Kan.). A lifelong Jayhawk, he graduated from the University of Kansas in English and Magazine Journalism.

John’s other areas of special interest include nature and wildlife (especially wolves) and energy independence via renewable energy.

Photo by Matthew T. Stallbaumer 

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