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Jennifer Tuohy, Sustainable Technology Journalist and Blogger

Name: Jennifer Tuohy

Occupation: Journalist

Place of Residence: Charleston, South Carolina

Background and Personal History: A Manhattan-born, London-raised journalist and tech blogger, Jennifer lives and works in Charleston, South Carolina where she covers tech, history, green living and local news. As the editor of Idaho’s first sustainable lifestyle magazine, Habitat (2007-2013), she is a leader in the field of sustainability journalism and never stops trying to educate people on how to lead a better lifestyle; for the good of the planet and the community.

Current Projects: Jennifer currently blogs about technology and sustainability for Home Depot, with a particular emphasize on the intersection of these two areas. She is also writing a book about the history of America’s first destination ski resort in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Jennifer is the editor of two local newspapers, and believes the first step to changing the world is by talking to your neighbors.

Other Fun Facts:

Jennifer graduated from a university that prides itself on its “Oxbridge Rejects.”

She has 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 frogs and 1 husband, and drove them all across America in under a week. She’s grown more green tomatoes than red ones in her gardening career (but fervently hopes to change that).

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