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Jeff Chaney – Off-Grid, Solar-Powered Homesteader

Name: Jeff Chaney

mechanic, energy consultant, homesteader

Place of Residence:
Eastern Tennessee

  I am not an expert in any field. I graduated high school, served in the military, and have earned a living doing everything from cleaning toilets to owning businesses. I have been a mechanic for thirty-five years, and worked as a welder, machinist, and remodeler/builder. I am an ordinary “Joe,” never having earned more than $30,000 in any one year. I have learned by conducting extensive research, then taking action.. I have made lots of mistakes, and would like to help anyone who wishes to try this avoid some of those same mistakes. This series of articles is intended to convey what I have experienced on this journey, what worked and what did not. It is not a how-to guide. My homestead project is, nor ever will be, finished. I sincerely hope these articles will be of some help to those brave souls who wish to try the same approach. Enjoy!

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