Deanna Duke, Urban Homesteader

Deanna Duke, Urban Homesteader

Name: Deanna Duke

Occupation: Director of Blockchain Operations, writer, urban homesteader and friendly rabble-rouser

Place of Residence: Seattle, WA

Background: A lifelong environmentalist, Deanna has converted her family to a low impact lifestyle by growing and preserving food from her urban backyard, conserving energy and water in the home, reducing waste and lowering their consumption.


Current Projects: Deanna is a sometimes writer for the environmental blog The Crunchy Chicken and has been written up in The Economist, The New York TimesThe National Post and The Huffington Post. When she isn’t busy digging up her lawn to plant more edible landscaping, Deanna is homeschooling her two high schoolers, churning butter, making soap, knitting, and planning her next great attack on the status quo.