Michael Morley, Green Homes Expert

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Michael Morley, Green Homes Expert

Name: Michael T. Morley 
Occupation: Builder, writer, consultant, owner of SIPsmart Building Systems
Place of Residence: Lawrence, Kan.

Green Building Background:
Michael is a graduate of Kansas University and a professional builder since 1982. He moved his family back to Lawrence, Kan., from California in 1990. Michael has a long interest in green building and began to build energy efficient homes using Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) in 1994.

Michael is the author of Building with Structural Insulated Panels, published by Taunton Press. He writes and consults for the SIP industry and educates architects and builders on SIP construction.

Michael is a certified Home Energy Rater and applies building science principles to his company’s work.

Current Projects and Other Fun Facts:
Michael is the lead inventor of a patent pending building system, Architecture Resistant to Climatic eXtremes (ARCX). This technology takes the best of the advanced building systems, SIPs, and combines this with unique geodesics to create a flexible, affordable and very strong building system.

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