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Christopher Nyerges, Wilderness Survival Expert and Educator


Occupation: Self-reliance educator

Residence: Altadena, California

Background: Christopher grew up in Pasadena, California, lived briefly on his grandfather’s farm in Ohio, and studied botany and journalism in school. His degree is in Journalism. Nyerges has written 10 nonfiction books and is working on his third fiction book. He has taught classes in wild foods and survival since 1974, to an estimated 34,000 students. He was the editor of Wilderness Way magazine for seven years, and for two years, he demonstrated survival skills for Fox TV’s X Show. He is also involved with teaching all aspects of survival, including spiritual survival, with the non-profit WTI of Los Angeles. Nyerges wrote about two dozen articles for  MOTHER EARTH NEWS over the years, and was featured on the cover in the 1990s.

Current Projects: Nyerges is developing five new DVDs of his classes, and is working on some fiction projects. He is active with farmers markets and community gardens.

Connect with Christopher at and School of Self-Reliance . Email him at info [at] schoolofSelf-Reliance [dot] com.