A Great Way to Find Chickens or Other Poultry


Baby Chicks

If you've been searching for a particular breed or variety of chickens, ducks, turkeys, guineas or geese, the Mother Earth News Hatchery Finder lets you quickly search the online catalogs of nearly 70 mail order hatcheries. Just type in what you're looking for in the search box below, and you'll get a list of links to hatcheries offering what you're looking for. (For breed or variety names with two or more words, put the entire name inside quotation marks for the best search results.)

Is there a hatchery you're not finding in the search results? Use the contact us form to let us know which hatchery you'd like us to add to our search. Select the box for editorial, and be sure to include the hatchery’s Web site in your message.

We also offer a companion Directory of Hatcheries to help you shop for the birds you want.






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