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| 7/1/2013 12:00:00 PM

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Buying meat, dairy products and produce from local farmers is a great green choice, and as an added bonus, it usually tastes better, too! That’s because when you buy locally, you can get the freshest possible food. Fragile produce, such as perfectly ripe tomatoes or strawberries, simply doesn’t travel well. If you want truly ripe produce, your best bet is to grow it yourself, or buy from a local farmer. local food

Shopping locally greatly reduces the amount of energy needed to transport food from the farm to your table. It also gives you many more options than you can find in the typical grocery store and much more information about the products you’re buying. For example, if you want to buy pork from a local source, you can request all kinds of specific cuts of meat, and you can also ask the farmer questions about how the animals were raised. In many cases, you can even visit the farm! The same goes for fruits and vegetables — your local farmers will have a large number of unusual and delicious varieties of tomatoes, apples, beans, salad greens and much more.

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