Earth Gauge Tip of the Week: Happy Thanksgiving!

| 11/26/2013 9:08:00 AM

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Happy Thanksgiving! Whether you're traveling away from home or hosting the feast at your place, these tips will help you have a happy, healthy and environmentally-friendly holiday gathering.

For Travelers

car safetyAAA estimates that more than 43 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more from home during the Thanksgiving holiday. Ninety percent - nearly 39 million - will travel by car. Whether your destination is near or far, use these tips to travel safely, save gas and save money.

  • Build an emergency kit. Increased traveling distance and unpredictable weather can result in hazardous driving conditions at this time of year. Make sure you car is equipped with a scraper, flashlight, blankets, cell phone, booster cables and emergency flares or cones. Have water and non-perishable food like energy or granola bars on hand, too. Click on the image to download.
  • Check your tires.The right tire pressure can improve mileage by over three percent, saving 60-90 dollars per year for the average driver. Check the owner's manual for your vehicle to find the right pressure settings.
  • Carpool. The average distance traveled over the Thanksgiving is about 600 miles. If nearby friends and family are going to the same place, travel together to save gas and reduce the number of cars on the road.
  • Don't idle. If you stop to eat or stretch your legs, turn the car off. Idling for just two minutes uses the same amount of gas used to drive one mile!
  • Pack lightly. Extra weight in the car or trunk decreases fuel efficiency.

For Hosts

The holiday season is a time for joyful gatherings of family and friends. But a house full of guests can also result in higher energy bills, increased water use and stressed septic systems. Use these tips to save energy, save water and save money.

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11/26/2013 7:06:54 AM

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