Clean Out Your Egg Cartons

| 6/6/2013 1:53:00 PM

Tags: egg recipes, Harper Slusher,

When early spring settled in, I found myself overloaded with eggs. Having gotten chickens last spring, they were nearly reaching their peak in egg production, most laying an egg a day. I began cooking as much as I could, trying to use up carton after carton. I was able to give away a carton here or there, but never enough to give me break from cooking. Unfortunately, I quickly became tired of scrambled eggs, quiche, and omelets so I began searching for other ways to use my eggs.

I found lemon pound cake to be the perfect solution. The tangy cake quickly became a family favorite. Not only was it delicious, it also used up nearly 9 eggs for two loafs. That was a little more than a day’s supply of eggs for me. The only drawback was that lemons were not always on hand so sometimes I had to create my own twist. That's how I created the orange pound cake.


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