Why Not & Why Bother to Build Your Own House?

| 7/1/2013 3:03:00 PM

Tags: house construction, owner builder, green building, passive solar, David Wright,

Richard and DavidRichard: David, I think we have a problem with our first blog. We introduced our approach of telling screw up stories in our forthcoming book, How NOT to Build Your Own House, in order to lead to advice on how TO build your own house.

David: It sounds like a good approach to me, Richard: Learn from others’ mistakes in order to avoid making them yourself.

RD: But might we discourage folks from taking on a house-building project? If so many things can go wrong, wouldn’t you be crazy to try to build your own?

DW: In other words, if there are so many NOTS, why bother? Why not just NOT build your own?

RD: I think our approach is good, just as long as we can deliver our message: The prospective owner-builder should feel more confident, not less.

DW: That’s right, once a person understands how to avoid the pitfalls that await the unprepared owner-builder, he or she should feel more secure about undertaking building his or her own house.

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