Meet the Mobile, Off-Grid Tiny Solar House Traveling Across America

| 12/14/2016 9:31:00 AM

Tags: tiny homes, mobile houses, ecotrouism, travel, Michael Chance, California, Washington,


What happens when a passion for solar energy gets combined with enthusiasm for traveling, facilitated by the small-house movement? Enter the Tiny Solar House, a mobile marketing campaign that gives people a first-hand example of the practicability of living in a home powered by solar.

The Tiny Solar House has been on a surprisingly big tour of America the past 6 months, sharing experiences and inspiration of a solar-powered lifestyle. Logging over 10,000 miles since departing from Austin, Texas, in May, the journey has made stops in 15 states and 10 National Parks.

This 210-square-foot off-grid house on wheels is essentially an RV with a different look. The base of the home is a dual-axle trailer atop a structure was framed, insulated, and enclosed.

The Tiny Solar House features a multi-functional living room/office/art studio, kitchen with full-sized fridge, double sink, and propane oven, shower, toilet, and upstairs sleeping loft big enough for a queen-sized mattress.


8/1/2017 11:32:52 PM

Looks very cool. But I wonder about driving down the middle of the road, straddling two opposing lanes, headed into a tunnel... Rather alarming photo!

7/28/2017 8:57:35 AM

Nice home and environmentaly friendly except for the dual wheel diesel pickup truck needed to pull it around.

7/28/2017 8:39:00 AM


7/28/2017 8:08:42 AM

There are questions I never see answered in these articles which have nothing but good things to say. 1, How big a vehicle do you need to tow this home. if it is truly mobile, people should know how large a truck is needed and what the expected milage is, because this is proposed as a green solution. 2. The hassles you run into with municipalities that are not ready to accept these as houses because they have no water and sewer permanently hooked up. IE they really only fit in a RV park or a specialty site that has been created specifically for these type of houses. 3. Have these structures been analyzed to determine their road worthiness. Just because they have wheels are they really fit for the road. In other words what do they weigh verses the rated capacity for the frame and is the center of balance low enough on the trailer to be safe towing, especially in winds. When are we going to hear this information which I would want to know before I would proceed on this. And just because a company can buy a trailer frame and build a tiny house on it, what is their guarantee for roadworthiness. These are the topics that need to be addressed first before anyone proceeds to build a tiny home. Listening for the answers

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