Lisa Gustavson, Warré Beekeeper

Name: Lisa Gustavson

Occupation: Urban Beekeeper, Backyard Gardner, Writer, Photographer, Tour GuideLisa Gustavson Warre Beekeeper

Place of Residence: Austin, Texas

Background and Personal History: Lisa is extremely concerned about the precarious situation caused by widespread unsustainable beekeeping practices and believes Warré’s method can make a big positive impact by, at the very least, inspiring many more people to join the backyard or urban beekeeping movement and help safeguard more honeybees. She is passionate about bees and a member of the Williamson County Beekeepers Association. She possesses two master’s degrees (International Studies from Ohio University and Anthropology from the University of California Santa Barbara) and a bachelor’s degree from Bennington College with a minor in photography.

Current Projects: Co-founding the Warré Hive Company to make DIY hive kits available to the general public at affordable rates. Expected to be available starting in Fall 2014.

Other Fun Facts: Lisa is half French and thus is able to access the more elaborate network of information on this method available in French.