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Item # 7286

Format: Paperback 


Pages: 100

Copyright Year: 2014

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In this new and exciting guide from GRIT, you'll discover information on fixing up old farmhouses; financing rural properties; raising sheep, cattle, pigs and poultry; and much more. The Guide to Modern Homesteading is filled cover-to-cover with articles on finding your dream rural property, buying and affording it, and how to maintain it once it's yours.

The expert advice here will guide you in your homestead hunt, so that you can locate the property that's just right for you and your family. Read five points to consider before moving to the country. Learn about septic systems that will help you save money on design and maintenance. Find out how livestock, in addition to providing meat and eggs, can mow lawns, work garden soil, dig stumps and more.

Other articles include:

  • How to Live on a Rural Property Even if You Can't Afford It - There's always a way to live the life you want!
  • Quonset Hut Homestead - In two months, and for less than $35,000, one couple created a self-sufficient homestead.
  • Barns and Outbuildings - Plan with the future in mind, advises a longtime farmer whose "small" operation has outgrown several barns and sheds - and isn't done yet.
  • Go Solar - Install a renewable energy system for home heating, hot water and electricity.
  • Living in a Tiny Home - Learn what it's like to live within 128 square feet.
  • Rules for Raising Livestock - Here's a primer on the basic guidelines for raising livestock, including feed, living space and manure.