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by Marianne Svard Haggvik
Item # 7250

Format: Hardcover 

ISBN: 9781628736496

Pages: 256

Copyright Year: 2014

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Would you like to learn to braid a plant support arrow, cast a flower vase in concrete, or set your own pedestal in stone? Rustic Garden Projects is filled with attractive ideas for making your garden homey, decorative and unique this gardening season. From the simple to the sophisticated, quick to time-consuming, follow these step-by-step instructions to build elegant, functional items for your garden and patio.

Discover such delightful do-it-yourself garden projects such as:

  • A swing for two
  • A small stone staircase
  • A lion head fountain
  • A decorative birdbath
  • Garden party vases
  • A Japanese-style trellis
  • Concrete votive holders
  • And so much more to craft, build and enjoy!

Packed with detailed materials and hundreds of photographs and instructional illustrations, Rustic Garden Projects is the ultimate guide to get you started decorating your garden, your backyard, or even your city stoop. Plus, each project includes practical shopping lists, tips on which tools to use, and the plants and flowers that will pair best with your new creation. Don't spend tons of money and long drawn-out hours with landscaping companies … the answers you need are right here!

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