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by Mother Earth News
Item # 7190

Format: Paperback 


Pages: 100

Copyright Year: 2014

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Perfect for beginning gardens and experts alike, the sixth edition of the Mother Earth News Guide to Growing Your Own Food has tips and advice for organic pest control, container gardening, storing produce, shade-grown vegetables and much more.

Read 10 truths about composting and the benefits it promises. Learn how poultry is the secret weapon against pests. Discover vertical gardening techniques to help grow bigger and better fruits and vegetables. Build the best homemade tomato cages from four terrific designs that are sturdy and low-cost. Get started growing tomatoes, lettuce, sweet corn, radishes, carrots, onions and beans.

Other articles include:

  • Perennial Vegetables: Grow More Food With Less Work - Combine permaculture gardening techniques and edible landscaping ingenuity to grow perennial vegetables.
  • The No-Spray Way to Protect Plants - Lightweight fabric row covers are an easy way to protect your crops from insects and critters, and to extend the season.
  • Care and Cultivation of Permanent Beds - Choose permanent garden beds and pathways to provide a secure habitat for the dynamic soil food web that sustains your crops.
  • Wise Watering - Conservation-based watering techniques and equipment will keep your crops healthy and your yields abundant.
  • Grow More Food in a Movable Greenhouse - Boost productivity in spring, summer, fall and winter with a do-it-yourself greenhouse that you can carry from plot to plot.

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