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by Michele Borboa
Item # 7154

Format: Paperback 

ISBN: 9781592334636

Pages: 232

Copyright Year: 2011

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Dazzle your dinner table with home-cooked meals every night of the week!

Serve your family the best, most nutritious food and save time and money with this mega-delicious guide to preparing meals you can fix-and-freeze now and enjoy any night of your crazy-busy week!

Unlike the sodium-laced, preservative-filled meals you might find in your grocer's freezer aisle, Make-Ahead Meals Made Healthy features all-natural recipes full of flavors that come to life the instant you reheat them … so your meals don't just taste as good as the day you stored them away, but even better. In addition, you'll find great tips and advice on how to best prep, store and reheat every single recipe, making mealtime prep a cinch for any member of your household.

From comforting casserole and lasagna recipes made new again with fresh veggies and whole grains, to hearty and wholesome breakfast baked goods and sweet treats, you'll discover so many healthy "must-make" recipes inside that you may need to get a larger freezer!

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