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by Margaret Park
Item # 7117

Format: Paperback 

ISBN: 9780915556427

Pages: 143

Copyright Year: 2014

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Food: We can't live without it, yet its costs are rising and consuming more of the family budget. In addition, health concerns about the use of pesticides, genetically modified foods, and potential soil mineral depletion in the food supply inspire more people to want to grow their own vegetables. Many of them live in cities with only small yard spaces.

This book presents new methods devised and tested by author Margaret Park to maximize food production from a small yard. By tightly spacing plants in deep, fertile soil, training plants vertically, and harvesting year-round -- with the help of the inexpensive, portable greenhouse one can build from this book -- a great proportion of a family's vegetable needs can be grown at home -- even in the space it takes to park a car.

Park has devised and tested a great growing system. Even if people have more space, it doesn't make sense to use more space. Gardeners won't necessarily produce more vegetables, but more space does mean more area to cultivate, weed and water, and less space for other backyard uses. Soil fertility is more important than additional space. The system of composting introduced in the book requires an Effective Microorganisms (EM) medium (mostly wheat bran inoculated with beneficial microorganisms) and two buckets, one for collecting kitchen waste and one for further fermentation. The microorganisms not only feed the plants, they also clean up the soil.

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