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Item # 7073

Format: Paperback  


Pages: 100

Copyright Year: 2014

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With more than 41 keys to rabbit-raising success, this information-rich guide from GRIT has 20 great articles about raising rabbits, either for pets, show or meat. The 100 pages of this guide cover it all, from raising rabbits to recipes using rabbit meat. You can also enjoy adorable photos, an "ID That Bunny" challenge, and learn where characters such as the Easter Bunny and Peter Cottontail originated.

Read an introduction to rabbit breeds and consider the many beautiful and cuddly, exotic and common varieties. Build do-it-yourself rabbit homes with easy-to-follow rabbit housing plans. Learn the basic bunny diet and use a healthy mixture of pellets, hay and a few treats to keep them happy and strong. Considering making the leap from hobby to business? Then you'll appreciate the great reference from a professional conservation breeder.

There are also delicious recipes that use rabbit meat as the main dish. Learn to broaden your meat horizons with healthful domestic rabbit meat with recipes such as Rabbit Pot Pie, Rabbit Sausage and Pasta, Rabbit Stew, Rabbit Fried with Grapefruit Juice and much more. And discover which breeds are known for their meat, such as the Silver Fox Rabbit and the Belgian Hare.

More articles include:

  • Hot-Weather Care That Pays Off Year-Round: Keeping your bunnies cool during the blazing heat of summer brings a litter of benefits.
  • Tools, Equipment and Routines: It's easy to get carried away, and expert advice helps separate essential equipment and rabbit routines form optional expenses.
  • Bunny Love: Pet rabbits have a way of stealing hearts and minds, turning their owners into enthusiastic and dedicated fanciers.
  • On to the Rabbits Shows!: An excerpt from Storey's Guide to Raising Rabbits provides information for those wanting to show off their bunnies.
  • Calming the Rascally Rabbits: Discover the many activities you and your furry friends can do together for a healthier, more enjoyable experience.