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Format: Paperback 


Pages: 100

Copyright Year: 2013

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Keeping bees is a great hobby. It provides you with an unlimited supply of honey; the bees help pollinate your plants and crops; and can provide enjoyment for you and the whole family. This 100-page guide is filled with some of the best articles on keeping bees, building your own beehives, cooking with honey and how to identify different types of bees.

Inside you'll find more than 77 ways to get more from your backyard bees. Read how to get to know your bees and all it takes to get started raising bees. Discover how to build your own beehive and save money in the process. Learn how to keep bees with top bar hives. You can also find 10 easy steps to becoming an urban beekeeper.

Other articles include:

  • Beginning With Honeybees: Questions and answers help beginning beekeepers.
  • Wholesome as Honey: Famous as a sweet treat, this bee staple is packed with good nutrition and health.
  • Bee Byproducts: Honey is but one of the items caused by ever-industrious honeybees.
  • Go Native With Wild Bees: The humble little orchard mason bee is the best-kept (pollinator) secret.
  • Community Buzz for Overwintering Bees: GRIT bloggers' best tips for keeping your hive healthy during its most difficult months.
  • Beehive Baking: Put down the sugar bowl and switch to honey with these wholesome recipes.

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