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Format: Paperback 


Pages: 400

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Own all four of Farm Collector Special Collector's Edition guides in one special set. Discover more than 20 stories of old iron collectors hunting, finding and recovering long-lost steamers, engines or tractors in Great Finds: Tales of Hunting Old Iron. Try to identify 14 unique farm tools with Field Guide to Mystery Farm Tools. Read more than 35 of Sam Moore's "Let's Talk Rusty Iron" articles in Harvesting Heritage: 150 Years on the American Farm. Or admire the machines that made International Harvester famous in IHC Heritage.

Great Finds: Tales of Hunting Old Iron
This guide is filled with great stories and pictures of finds, rescues and rebuilds of collector tractors, engines, steamers and more. From a rare Allis-Chalmers 6-12 tractor cut out of a hedgerow in Texas to a Case steamer pulled from a Kansas river and a huge Stickney gas engine pulled from a watery grave in Idaho, Great Finds: Tales of Hunting Old Iron, shares two dozen stories of tractors and engines found - and recovered - despite incredible obstacles.

Field Guide to Mystery Farm Tools
If you like the "What Is It?" section in each issue of Farm Collector, you're going to love this special edition dedicated solely to mystery tools from farm country. Packed with super photos, patent drawings and collector resources, it's a jim-dandy for anybody interested in antique farm equipment.

Harvesting Heritage
As a student of the past, Sam Moore learned his lessons well. Paying careful attention to instructions from his elders, he not only learned the old ways but gained a full appreciation for them. Deeply researched and beautifully written, Moore's essays recapture a time irretrievably lost - but easily glimpsed through the pages of this exciting edition.

IHC Heritage
Celebrate the rich heritage of International Harvester in this Special Collector's Edition. From Cyrus McCormick and William Deering to the iconic Farmall Regular and immortal Cub Cadet, this special issue explores the history and culture of IHC in its many varieties. IHC Heritage covers it all, including family stories, early prototypes, history, tractors, engines, reapers and much more.

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