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Item # 6880

Format: Paperback 


Pages: 700

Copyright Year: 2013

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Living a self-sufficient lifestyle isn't easy, but is so rewarding when you can proudly say you grow your own food, make delicious home-cooked meals, have a medicine chest full of homemade remedies and so much more. MOTHER EARTH NEWS and GRIT provide this excellent resource set that includes 700 pages of articles covering everything from field and lawn care to backyard sheep and goats, from home-baked bread to preserving your summer's bounty.

This seven-guide set has some of the best articles for living an off-the-grid life. Learn to live off less by growing a bountiful garden; building a debt-free home; and eating homegrown food. Read how to grow and preserve your own food by building better garden soil, use cold frames to grow food in the winter months, and dry or freeze your leftover garden produce. Follow delicious bread recipes such as sourdough, pizza crust, gluten-free bread and more.

This set includes:

MOTHER EARTH NEWS Guide to Living on Less
You'll find expert advice, tips, instructions and more to help you live a more self-sufficient life. This fabulous resource covers everything from building better soil with free organic fertilizers to constructing tiny homes that are cozy, affordable and inspiring.

MOTHER EARTH NEWS How to Grow and Preserve Your Own Food
Read how you can build better garden soil and make your own compost. Follow instructions for building your own mini-greenhouse with low tunnels for year-round gardening. Learn the benefits of using chickens in your garden. Discover how to grow lettuce, garlic and carrots.

MOTHER EARTH NEWS Guide to Family Health
Keeping your family healthy all year long is one of the toughest jobs, and it's made all the more difficult by the effects of ingredients and chemicals in over-the-counter medicine and household cleaners. Covering everything from homemade remedies to first-aid kit essentials, this 100-page guide contains natural wellness tips, information on which food additives to avoid, and much more.

MOTHER EARTH NEWS Guide to Growing Your Own Food
Enjoy growing your own food and cutting your bills in half this year. Guide to Growing Your Own Food is filled from cover to cover with the best articles on gardening, preserving, backyard chickens, beekeeping and more. With the help of this 100-page guide, you'll get the satisfaction of saving money and eating homegrown food all year long.

GRIT Guide to Sheep and Goats
With helpful advice, do-it-yourself projects, step-by-step recipes and beneficial breed guides, Guide to Sheep and Goats is an invaluable resource filled with expertly written articles for anyone who owns their own flock or herd (or wants to, one day!). Filled with more than 75 keys to keeping your animals healthy, this guide also includes information on raising sheep and goats, finding the right milk goat, how to build a milking stanchion, how to shear sheep, building proper shelters, and more.

GRIT Guide to Field and Lawn Care
Want the best-looking yard in your neighborhood? Or a sprawling green lawn that welcomes visitors as they make their way up your driveway? With the help of the Guide to Field and Lawn Care you'll discover how to grow and maintain the sharpest lawn, as well as tips for safe mowing, advice for rejuvenating your lawn, and so much more.

GRIT Guide to Homemade Bread
This guide provides more than 57 keys to successfully making bread, from sourdough to pizza crust, from bagels to pretzels and more. With 111 recipes inside this 100-page guide you and your whole family can enjoy the benefits of homemade bread.