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by Michael and Audrey Levatino
Item # 6736

Format: Paperback 

ISBN: 9781616082284

Pages: 256

Copyright Year: 2011

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When the farm is a lifestyle, not just a way to earn a living, that's hobby farming. Most of us want to live a sustainable life in which we protect the land and keep it safe from development and overproduction. But we can take this a step further by learning how to grow and savor what we can produce ourselves … while still maintaining an alternative career to fund this passion. Michael and Audrey Levatino here share how to:

  • Grow your own food
  • Raise chickens, horses, llamas, bees and more
  • Practice being (a little) off the grid
  • Sell the bounty in your local community
  • Balance a professional career with a rural lifestyle
The Joy of Hobby Farming is a book that will excite armchair farmers and inspire any do-it-yourselfer!

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