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by Sepp Holzer
Item # 6592

Format: Paperback 

ISBN: 9781603584647

Pages: 206

Copyright Year: 2013

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Sepp Holzer is known around the world for bringing deserted landscapes back to life using his unique methods of creating water-retention basins. In Desert or Paradise, he applies his core philosophy - for increasing food production, promoting the earth's health and reconnecting mankind with nature - to reforestation and water conservation across the world. He urges us to look beyond failed solutions to drought by learning from his lengthy catalog of successes in arid, rainfall-dependent regions such as Greece, Turkey, Spain and Portugal.

You'll find here a wealth of information for the gardener, homesteader, permaculture designer and sustainable farmer. Yet the book's greatest value lies in the attitudes it teaches - and in its demonstration that the simple principles found in nature and used to create Holzer's productive systems can be applied anywhere.

Holzer also outlines his 10 points of sustainable self-reliance and how these methods can help feed the world. They include recognizing the need to:

  • Regulate water usage
  • Eliminate factory livestock farming
  • Bring more fallow or unused land into production
  • Enlarge crop areas by using terracing and Holzer-style raised beds
  • Engage in community building
  • … And much more
Expressed with Holzer's unique style and opinions, Desert or Paradise gives hope to those who see an apparently barren landscape as a failure from which there is no return. It helps us move beyond conventional methods that trap us in a cycle of dependence.

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