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by Julie Bruton-Seal/Matthew Seal
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Format: Hardcover 

ISBN: 9780762779857

Pages: 256

Copyright Year: 2011

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The kitchen is the room that's most likely to hold the remedies for household emergencies or even common ailments, and years ago, every household practiced kitchen medicine. Doctors were expensive and people were self-reliant-even when it came to health care.

Today, doctors are more expensive and we've become much less self-reliant. Now Kitchen Medicine revives that lost tradition of the kitchen as pharmacy.

Learn how:

  • Fennel wards off symptoms of menopause
  • Garlic reduces cholesterol levels
  • Lemon relieves rheumatism
  • Ginger treats a cold
  • An olive oil purge can eliminate gallstones
  • Sore joints are eased with mustard
With superb photography, foolproof recipes and fascinating insights into the history of these household ingredients, Kitchen Medicine gives you the medicinal intelligence to create your own remedies and cures from the treasures found sitting in your kitchen right now.

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